Vegan Pantry Staples

I just passed my 3 year mark of being vegan and I must say that I am so grateful to my younger self for being completely fearless and making that leap into the unknown. When I first starting thinking about going vegan I was the type of person to hate most vegetables. Its actually pretty funny to think about because now some of the vegetables and foods I thought I hated the most are some of my favorites.

But anyways the point of that ramble was that I’ve been vegan for quite a long time now. I found the perfect diet for myself at the moment and my pantry is stocked full of lots of food I love which I’m so thankful for. I just wanted to pop in here and shared all this knowledge I’ve gained over the years in hopes that I can help anyone out where ever they are on their vegan journey!

Throughout this post you’ll see lots of my favorite vegan staples and my favorite ways to utilize them, so if you’re into that kind of thing keep on reading…

Quick side note if I mention any recipes in this post that I love making you’ll most likely be able to find it under my recipe tab or you can just use the search bar to look it up!



These are my pantry staples that I use the most often and that I tend to be using up quicker than others


Depending on where my diet is at or the weather, oats are something that are in my daily diet. I love making oatmeal or overnight oats with them and topping it with lots of fresh fruit which is the perfect go to breakfast. Baking with oat flour is also one of my favorite ways to use oats.


If you prefer white rice or brown rice either way rice is super important to my diet. If I want a meal to be a little bit more filling Ill always just cook up a little bit of rice to throw in there! It can really bulk up any meal you add it to.


I have lots of recipes for homemade granola on my website. This is something I have to always have on hand because it’s my absolutely favorite smoothie bowl topping. Its also perfect on top of chia pudding or oatmeal! The little crunch that everyone deserves.


This has been a recent obsession for me. I’ve almost enjoyed gluten free baking just because it gives it more of a challenge and ends up being a little more rewarding honestly. I used to just used oat flour but now I’ve be incorporating brown rice flour more and have been loving it! More gluten free baking recipes coming soon.

Rice Noodles

This has always been a big staple for me because like rice it can be added to any dish to spice it up a little bit. My favorite ways toc ook with rice noodles is making homemade ramen with it or make a noodle stir fry with lots of veggies and tofu.


Theses staples are still some of my favorites I just don’t have to buy them as often!

Moringa Powder

My go to smoothie is always a green smoothie I’ve grown to absolutely love the taste and even crave it most of the time. Moringa is just an extra boost of green I like to add since eating greens has never been my favorite thing to do.

Maca Powder

This is another smoothie staple for me but I also love using it in baking. It has a nutty caramel taste and is a perfect addition to brownies or vanilla nice cream.

Soy Protein Powder

If you can’t tell by now I’m obsessed with smoothies and all the add-ins for them. Protein isn’t something I think is essential to a vegan diet but typically my smoothies don’t have a main source of protein and I like to add it to my post yoga smoothies for an extra boost.


These are very important to my diet because they are a good base for a variety of things. My favorite way to use cashews is when I make vegan nacho cheese or vegan mozzarella. I love love using it as a base for many sauces like ranch, agave mustard, or a mayo substitute.


I always keep dried beans on hand just because they can last for a long time in your pantry even though I don’t cook with them as often at the moment. I usually just have a random mix of beans laying around for when that chili craving surprises me.


This isn’t my favorite grain to cook with but like the beans I just like to have it on hand because it is also a part of the base for my chili recipe.

Coconut flakes

This is something I swear by and must have in my pantry at all times. Very similar to granola I love using this as a topping for everything. Coconut flakes are just so pure and perfect and can do no wrong.

Chia & Hemp & Flax Seeds

These are great additions to smoothies for extra protein and nutrients. I also love making chia seed pudding. Flax seeds are also great for baking and as a thickener.

Vegan Chocolate Chips

When it comes to baking I feel like everything goes good with a little chocolate when you’re in the mood for it. I always add them to pancakes or muffins or brownies. When the chocolate craving hits, which it does often, I always have to be armed and ready.

Nutritional Yeast

This is a great source a B-12 which is pretty important for a vegan diet since its more difficult to get. Lets be real though we all eat it for the perfect cheesy flavor. Great to add to vegan cheeses or tofu scramble!

Raw Cane Sugar

Typically when I bake I love using agave or maple syrup for a more natural sweetener but for some recipes I like using raw cane sugar because it makes baking easier. I love baking so much so its perfect to always have on hand


You guessed it another smoothie add in! I love the flavor contrast this adds to my green smoothies. It is very much so an acquired taste but I’ve grown to completely love adding it to my smoothies.


Honorable Mentions

These are a few random staples that deserve some recognition

Gluten Free Pasta

This has been recently reintroduced to my diet. Just in case I get a vegan mac n cheese craving I like to keep myself stocked up!

Frozen Bananas

I know this isn’t really a pantry staple but it deserves to be talked about. Keeping bananas in my freezer at all time because they make perfect smoothie bowls and can last a long time frozen.

Sesame Seeds

I love the flavor that sesame seeds and sesame oil. It adds so much to a dish like ramen or tofu rice bowls.


Quick side note!

All of this is just stuff that I have found to work for me. Some of these staples may not fit into your diet and some staples you love may not fit into mine.

It’s all about listening to your body and learning what you craving and love to eat!

Check out my YOU TUBE video where I talk all about my pantry staples and give you a tour of my kitchen!