Real Self Care With No Bullshit

Listen I get the hype. I know how much fun and relaxing it is to do face masks and to get a facial. All of that “self care” stuff is great but it’s all expensive as hell, time consuming, and not super effective.

In my opinion self care is something that is going to be helpful for you long term and not for 30 minutes. It’s going to make you feel good during the rest of your day or the rest of your week. This real self care doesn’t have to be something you only do once you’re completely stressed with everything life is throwing at you. It can be done before the stress hits to avoid it and something you do every morning to better yourself.

Most of my self care is done in the morning because it’s when I’m feeling the most motivated and I feel better when I do these things in the morning to set myself up for a great day!


My self care routine starts with making sure I wake up on the right side of the bed. I like to wake up on either my first alarm or by my own body time (In a perfect world I would do this everyday but we all know how early we have to be at work) Whenever I decide to wake up the first thing I do is get up and make my bed. I try to avoid checking my phone first things because I tend to not feel my best when the first thing I do is take a quick scroll through Instagram and it’s a big waste of my precious morning time.

After that I love to brush my teeth and wash my face right away. This wakes me up right away and gets me nice and perky and ready for my next task. Washing my face everyday with a hot wet cloth and then covering it in pure aloe vera and leaving in at hat leaves my skin so happy.

In the morning I like to take a good five to ten minutes to go through my whole apartment and clean up any trash from the day before or put things in their place. I also like to spend that time doing any dishes left in the sink. Doing this makes me feel so much better mentally. I love living free of clutter and in a clean space so knowing my apartment is clean keeps my mind at peace.

I like to do the same thing but with my mind and thoughts. This is where my bullet journal comes into play and boy is this an important part to my day. I like to take all my mental clutter and put it on paper. It makes my anxiety feel at peace and it gives me a good look at what my day looks like going forward. I write anything I want to do down in my to-do list and write a bit in my journal talking about anything I feel grateful for to give me a little mood boost.


One of my all time favorite self care tasks is to meditate and do yoga. When I do this in the morning before anything else my whole mood shifts and It’s makes my day better. I the feeling I get from my practice at home is unlike anything I’ve every experienced. It takes me out of my mind and puts my in my body to feel things in the moment to not worry about the future or the past. It completely wipes any anxiety or stress I have and it is truly magical.

Everyone’s self care routine is going to look different. I encourage you to do things that are going to better you long term rather than make you feel good for 30 minutes. This is the real stuff that you love doing that makes you feel amazing inside and out. Listen to yourself and you’ll know where to start.