My First Blog Post!

Hello Friends! If you're reading this then you've made it to my blog and I somehow finished putting this blog together. So quick round of applause for me. If you're new to me be sure to check out my about me page here to get a little more of an idea of who's blog you're reading!

I wanted to start off by saying why I decided to create this blog. I am hoping to be more active when it comes to posting on my Instagram and Youtube and I think having an extra little creative outlet for myself will help me with that.

Another reason is a way to make it easier for you all to find my recipes. I have recently been making my sweet potato cheese sauce recipe A LOT, but the only place to find the recipe is on the video (which you can find here). Although I love that video, going through it every time to figure out what is in recipe can get pretty old. So after seeing everything in all of you guys perspective I figured this would be very helpful.

I'm also hoping to make some blog posts about fitness and lifestyle along with recipes. This will just give a little more variety to my blog which I think would be fun!

Well that is all I have to say for now and please bare with me on this new exciting journey.


Kennedy Kitchings1 Comment