I Suck At Reading!

I suck at reading. This is always something that I struggled with in school and never could understand why. Everyone would always read faster than me and I could never keep up. It was stressful and really turned me off of reading for literally my whole life. Reading is something that is very peaceful and I’ve always felt so drawn to it while never enjoying it.

It wasn’t until this past year that I finally learned to love reading and here is how…


This first thing I’ve recently realized has helped me immensely is meditation. Becoming more mindful has made a huge difference in my ability to read. I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where we’ve read a full page and go back and realize we weren’t paying any attention to the words and were off in our mind somewhere else.

Being more mindful helps me focus more on what I’m reading and keeping my mind locked in the moment and not wandering off somewhere else.

I’ve also learned to read books I am truly interested in. We all have book we are attracted to and would love to read and then there’s books that we actually enjoy reading. for me that books that I read really help me better myself. Some examples are…

  • Manifesting Made Easy - by Jen Mazer

  • You Are A Badass - by Jen Sincero

  • Thriving With Social Anxiety - by Hattie C. Cooper

  • Building Your Field Of Dreams - by Mary Manin Morrissey


Although I still have been reading the same book for almost 3 months now, I haven’t let my slow reading stop me from reading books I truly enjoy.