Fully Thrifted Apartment Guide

I am a very firm believer in the fact that you'r space or your home have a huge impact on your life. It can change your day to day life when you life in a space you truly love. Some people say having an attachment to physical items is being materialistic and it always tends to have a negative connotation. I do believe there is such thing as having too much stuff but that amount of things is different to every person.

When I fill my home I make sure everything I own has a purpose. If it’s something I don’t have use for or something I haven’t used in months I let it go. Someone may find use in more things than you and some might find use in less things.

When it comes to filling your home with lots of second hand and thrifted items, it take a lot of work, but the outcome is so worth it! All of the stuff you have instantly becomes one of a kind and feels very special to you. I’ve spent countless hours and days walking up and down the isles of my favorite stores searching for the person new item for my home.

Not only are your new pieces one of a kind, but they are CHEAP. You can build the home of your dreams on an extreme budget which is one of my favorite parts. If you want to make this work it does take a lot of effort though. You have to really search through these stores and put in the time. If you put in that energy you will be rewarded with some amazing finds.

Another thing that comes with a lot of thrift shopping is finding items that would be perfect for your home but maybe they’re slightly off. Like they are the wrong color or they need a little spicing up to make you love them.

The DIY side of it is something I find so fun. I love finding something and being able to look at it and instantly know how I am going to transform it into the perfect piece for my home.

I am completely in love with the space that I’ve created for myself. All the hard work and time I have put in has completely paid off. Not only to I love every item I’ve found but they are things I can feel good about having because I’m giving them a new life and not creating more waste on this planet.

If you are ever thinking of buying something new for your space just take a second and think if it’s something you can get second hand or thrifted (the answer is usually yes)

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