Finding Balance

Sometimes life gets confusing. Sometimes you fall off the horse or a day or two or weeks. It’s hard to train your brain to understand that it’s okay to have off days. Not even is it okay but it’s actually very healthy to have those days to learn and grow.

Being able to find your perfect balance in life is not something that is just going to happen over night. It’s something that you have to keep up with and work on everyday. I am constantly working on finding balance within myself mentally and it’s still something i struggle with.

At the moment the areas i struggle finding balance in most are my eating habits and my working habits. Some people might struggle with their workout routine or with their spending habits or with finding balance in school and the list could go on.

What has helped me most is actually something i heard recently and it’s telling myself “I am worthy.” Everyday when I manifest in my journal in the mornings, that’s the quote I have been starting with. I am worthy of having days off or I am worth of going out to eat with my friends. Small things like just saying that to yourself every day can make a huge change

I get that life can change so fast and so much happens everyday. Which is why I describe this as an on going journey. One where you can learn more and more about yourself everyday and where you have room to grow.

When you start to feel a little wobble or you fall completely that is okay. As long as you know to pick yourself back up readjust and try again because you are worthy of a happy balanced life!