Fear Of The Unknown

For a big portion of my life I lived in fear. Just generally scared of most things. Scared of people, scared of speaking, scared of being alone, or scared of roller coasters. That last one is a little more reasonable but I mean come on now roller coasters are one of the biggest enjoyments in my life.


Living in fear held me back from so many huge experiences in life. Recently I was telling someone that I love how I’ve been raised and how I raised myself. I love being the mature young women I am and I don’t enjoy living life with regret. Which is why I’m grateful that I taught myself to live free from fear now because I can really understand the importance of it.


The most amazing things are on the other side of fear. The most amazing experiences of your life live two seconds after you take the leap of faith with full confidence that the universe will catch you. Take that trip, go to that new store, wear that outfit, jump into the freezing cold water.


From learning to not let fear control my life I have gained an immense amount of confidence and independence. I’ve taken steps as small as being able to go to the grocery store on my own. I’ve big steps like when I moved out on my own and created a home for myself. I’ve taken bigger steps like going on the trip of my dreams alone for two weeks.


All these have taken time and constant effort and patience with myself. All of the amazing experiences I have down in the books is all thanks to me standing up for myself and letting myself let go and trust that the most amazing things are waiting for me on the other side of fear.