Bullet Journal Spread That's Actually Functional

I’ve been using my journal everyday since December now. I take it with me everywhere I go and it just gives me a big sense of security. I write my entire life in that thing and I love it because everything I put in it is completely functional. My spreads are very simple and minimal and straight to the point.

What I love the most about the bullet journal is that you can personalize it how ever you want. Add more pages where you need them or less where you don’t.


Cover page

This is definitely the most non-functional part of the spread but it separate between months ass you journal more so it is for sure necessary.


Goals & Wants/Needs

As I think of new things I want to accomplish Ill add them to the goal side of the page. I use this for more short term goals that help me work towards some of my longer term goals that I have on a different page.

For the wants/needs side of things this is where I write anything I think of that I’ll need to get that is too big to fit on my grocery list.


I get to…

This is the page of my on going to-do list. I prefer this over a weekly or monthly calendar spread. I’m not the type of person that has a lot of very specific days that I need things to get done. This makes that easy for me so I can always have a list of this to do and it always keeps me busy.

Last month I started writing “I get to” over “on going to-do list” after a conversation I had with my roommate. It’s kind of like switching the connotation of your words ever though it means the same thing essentially.


Habit Tracker

I use this to keep up with my habits that I want to be doing everyday. My goal with my habit tracker is mostly for things I like to get done in the morning. Doing these things first thing in the morning before I even look at my to do list is what makes me feel my best. I know that even If i don’t have time to do anything other than my habits in a day I'm going to feel productive.


Manifesting & Journal

Everyday I make an effort to spend 5 minutes out of my days to write. Everyday I write about something and I usually try to not think too much about it and just start writing. I always write in the present tense which allows me to open myself up to these new opportunities. While I’m writing in my journal I also end it with writing a few things I’m grateful for because that just makes ya happier!


Monthly Budget

Money has always been something I stressed about but tried my hardest not to which is hard. I never want to feel like I’m putting myself in a bubble with money. I use this as a rough outline and never make myself feel forced to stay within the boundaries but know I will feel better If i make efforts to do so.

Also feeling secure to pay my bills as well as continue saving enough money to go places I want to travel to and do things I’ve always wanted to do. That is motivation enough for me to keep up with my spending.


Social Schedule

Although I know not everyone needs to keep up with posting on social medias but this is one of my favorite hobbies and I absolutely love staying consistent with it. If you have anything similar that you need to keep on top of things with this is just really easy to get all your thoughts on a page.

I can add what dates I need and can do more or less depending on how much I have time for it. There is also a place I can put new ideas anytime I think of them.


Work Schedule

My work life has definitely picked up within the last few months so i’m still learning new ways to keep up with everything. Right now I work at a vegan diner that i absolutely love and I work full time in the diner and part time as a social media manager. As shift crew I have a set schedule of days I work every week but the social media side varies when I work. To keep myself on top of things I give myself a window of time to work which has been really helpful. Especially since this side of my job is more independent.

I also added the chart at the bottom to keep up with all my to do’s and to write down any ideas I have for our socials.


Wanna Watch me make my spread?

Check out my new YouTube video where I talk more about my love for my journal