Being a Plant Mom

Taking care of plants is just straight up not an easy gig. So much time goes into making sure they get the right amount of light, the right amount of water, giving them room to grow, the right temperature, and the list goes on forever.

So you’ve gone to the plant shop and are leaving with a few new plant babies. You’re so excited to bring them home and pot them up. They’re sitting in the perfect spot by your window and everything is perfect. A few weeks quickly go by and your new babies start to wilt. Another week goes by and just like that they’re dead. What did you do wrong? All the love and thought you out into that beautiful growth gone just like that.

I’ve been there way too many time than I’d like to admit but with each plant I’ve killed I took that moment and learned from it. At the beginning of the year when I was filling in my page of new years resolutions one of the first one I wrote down was “no more dead plants.” This was going to be the years that I put my plant mom actions into full force with zero excuses!


So I did just that. I took all my previous knowledge I’d gained from past experiences and began to see my plant thrive. Not only were they not dying but there were growing. Growing more than I’d every seen a plant grow before. They were doing it right before my eyes and it was astonishing.

Now I’m no plant science wiz and I’m not going to come in here and give you all the facts about how I kept my plants alive because that’s really just not how I did it at all. What I can give you is some wisdom on how to trial and error your way through this journey.

  1. First thing you’ll need to do is devote a decent amount of time and energy into your plants. Not only from watering them almost daily but you’ll need to observe often and keep a close eye on them making sure they’re getting what they need to thrive.

  2. Second you’ll have to water your plants quite often. There is such this as too much water and too little water. Base this off the soil. When you go around doing your daily water take a look at the soil is it completely dry, slightly damp, or maybe soaked? If its dry load it up with water! If its damp leave it be it’s perfect and if it’s soaked give it a few dasy to take in all that water.

  3. Next take a look at where they’re at. Some plants need more light than others and they will show you that. Plants do this cool thing where if they get too much light they’ll wilt and get sad. If they are getting enough they will literally grow towards the light begging for more. So move them around and give those plant babies the light they deserve and need!

  4. Now on to temperature. Typically if you’re buying house plants this isn’t something you’ll really have to worry about because these plants were “made” (not really but you get it) for the indoors. They thrive off of a house set perfectly to the same temperature everyday. Now if you mosey off into the outdoor plant isle and try to plop on of those in your house when its meant to be outside that’s a different story.

  5. Lastly does anyone know how to keep a vine plants alive because I’ve struggled for years to master the art and nothing seems to work!

Now I’m in zero way a professional on any of this and there’s a good chance everything I’m saying is completely wrong and I’m very aware. This is just some general knowledge I’ve gained over the years that I felt like sharing. Not to toot my own horn or anything but keeping 40+ plants alive at once isn’t something everyone can do. So get yourself that new plant and let the trial and error begin, good luck!

Kennedy KitchingsComment