The Truth Behind Intuitive Eating

I’ve been vegan for well over three years now. Over those three years my diet has been constantly changing. The most I grow and learn about myself the more it changes. Sometimes I go through phases where all I want to eat is plain potatoes and smoothies. Other times all I want is waffles and nachos. Sometimes all I want to eat is anything drenched in buffalo sauce and sometimes it’s a mixture of all that.

When it comes to my diet I just love being completely in tune with my body and eating intuitively. This sounds so easy right? Well ill be the first person to tell you its not. Coming from someone that has always struggled with Eating Disorder Tendencies and struggled with having a negative relationship with food this is hard. There is a lot of debating with yourself on if you should eat something or not. If something isn’t healthy enough but you’ve been craving it for weeks so do you eat it or not?


For years I’ve been begging myself to just let eating be as easy as it sounds. It such a natural and necessary part of life so why do i seem to struggle so much mentally with the foods I eat?

This started out as a blog post about my typical weekly grocery list and the more I talked about eating I realized how much I have to say.

I’ve been scared of where this could take me considering the thoughts I’ve had towards food and eating. I’m tired of living in fear of the food I eat and everyday I am become more mindful of my thoughts and letting myself feel free again from that fear.

Eating intuitively sometimes isn’t as easy as it should be and that is okay. Keep being patient with yourself and soon you too will be free from fear of food. Coming from the biggest foodie you’ll ever meet this is honestly just annoying now. I’ve been fighting with myself for what feels like a lifetime and I’m more than ready to let go of this thing that quickly became apart of me.

I just need to take a second and appreciate all the amazing vegan food I’ve eaten with some amazing people over the past 3 and some years. I am so grateful for the food I’ve eaten and the happiness it brought me and the people it’s brought me closer to.

Life is just too damn short to not eat that greasy vegan burger or the pile of nachos on a night out with your friends. This goes hand in hand with learning how to live a balanced life. Blog post on that coming very soon.

Kennedy KitchingsComment